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  • Approved 2020 Combined Annual Budget and Appropriation Ordinance for Lemont Park District for Fiscal Year Beginning January 1, 2020, and Ending December 31, 2020.

    If you have any questions you can contact Executive Director, Louise Egofske at 630-257-6787 ext. 3010 or by email at

  • Lemont Park District Public Act 97-0609

    The Lemont Park District employs dedicated and knowledgeable individuals and values the contribution they make to the community. The Park District understands the importance of retaining quality employees to deliver our guests recreation programs and services. As required by Public Act-97-0609, employers participating in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund must make available the following information: -within six days prior to approval, a list of employees expected to receive compensation greater than $150,000 -within six business days after the approval of the annual budget, a list of all employees expected to receive compensation greater than $75,000 Compensation includes salary, health insurance, housing allowance, vehicle allowance, clothing allowance, bonuses, loans, vacation days granted and sick days granted. The compensation and benefits, including leave allotment, can be found at the Business Office located at 16028 – 127thSt., Lemont, IL or by emailing to request an electronic copy. Any questions you may have can be directed to the Director of Human Resources & Finance Administrator, Karen Perkey.

  • 2013 Community Needs Assessment Report

  • American With Disabilities Act Compliance

    The Lemont Park District advocates for full participation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Any questions or concerns in regard to the ADA should be directed to Jason Khuen, Assistant Manager of Maintenance/ADA Compliance Officer at Lemont Park District, 16028 127th Street, Lemont, IL  60439 or at 630-257-6787, ext. 3024.

  • Lemont Park District Municipal Directory

  • Lemont Park District Comprehensive Master Plan

  • Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2018