Lemont Dolphins Swim Team

1st Place at 2013-2014
SSSC Winter Swim Conference –
Blue Division


Congratulations on advancing to the Gold Division!




The Lemont Dolphins Swim Team is a competitive swim program dedicated to teaching youth to swim and develop skills for competition on the local and Regional level. The Dolphins are committed tosupporting all swimmers at every level of competition, from dual meets to Championship Level competitions. The team is open to anyone ages 6-18 who can swim at least one length of the pool (25 yards).


The coaching staff will decide group placement based on the individual swimmer’s age and swimming ability. Dolphins Team members will be instructed on proper stroke mechanics, nutrition, and training practices. Through our program, swimmers are also encouraged to develop those personal qualities such as discipline, self-confidence, cooperativeness, and the ability to identify and work towards goals that will help them achieve success in all aspects of life. The team participates in both dual meets as part of the West Suburban Swim Conference (WSSC) and has the option to register with USA Swimming (USA) and swim in USA sanctioned meets as well. Participation in USA meets are optional and up to the individual swimmer.


Lemont Dolphins Swim Team – Fall/Winter 2013-2014 – (Ages 6 – 18)

Do you have Olympic Aspirations? Then swim with the DOLPHINS! The lemont Dolphins Swim Team is a competitive swim program that teaches and develops competitive swimming skills. The Dolphins are dedicated to develping swimmers from Novice through Championship levels. All swimmers will be USA Swimming registered and can compete in both USA Swimming Sanctioned Meets as well as South Suburban Swim Conference Dual Meets.


The team is open to swimmers ages 6-18, who can swim at least 50 yards of freestyle with proper breathing technique. The swimmers are grouped based on ages and ability levels. If your simmer is new to swimming, etner them in the 1st level for their age. If the coach decides that your swimmer is too advanced or needs additional attention, they can be moved at the Head Coach’s discretion.


Mandatory Parent Meeting: September 16th, 6 pm to 7 pm in The CORE Covington Rooms. All new parents are encouraged to attend this informational meting.



  • White Team: Ages 6-10 – Code: 220201-A1   Swimmers with a limited competitive swim experience, this group will be primarily 8 & unders, but will include some 9-10’s that need more competitive stroke work.


  • Blue Team: Ages: 8-12 Code: 220201-A2  This group will have swimmers who have experience with all four competitive strokes, but may still need some fine tuning. This group allows for 11 year olds who need more stroke work, or 8 year olds who need more training.


  • Black Team: Ages 11-14 (pre-HS) – Code: 220201-A3  We will focus on more advanced stroke technique as well as competitive training with this group. This group will also be focused on large swimming competitions.


  • Gold Team: HS & 11 & Over Regional Qualifiers – Codes: 220201-A4 (8th Grade and HS)  This group will work on competitive training preparing them to swim in large competitions or at the HS Level.


CLICK HERE for Online Registration Information


Location: Indoor Pool @ CORE Min. 40/Max. 120


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USA Meet Schedule


USA vs. Dual Meets Info




USA Meet Information


Meet Date Meet Name Due Date Meet Packet Entries Results
10/12-13 Lockport Meet 9/14/2013 Packet Entry Results
10/20 Dolphins SYOA Meet 9/24/2013 Packet Entry Results
11/1-3 Carmel Fall Frenzy (Indianaplois Travel Meet) 9/24/2013 Packet Entry Results
11/16-17 Ultimate Swimming USA Meet 9/30/2013 Packet Entry Results
12/7 Homewood Flossmoor St. Nicks Meet 10/26/2013 Packet Entry Results
12/13-15 Elmhurst USA Meet 11/03/2013 Packet Entry Results
1/3-5 Hickory Willow USA Meet 12/1/2013 Packet Entry Results
1/19-20 Palatine USA Meet 12/5/2013 Packet  Entry Results
1/26 Munster (10 & Under) Meet 12/5/2013 Packet Entry Results
1/31 & 2/1-2 Schroeder A+ Meet (Qualifying Meet)  12/10/2013  Packet  Entry  Results
2/15-17 Hornets Bee My Valentine  1/3/2014  Packet  Entry Results
2/23 LPD Time Trial (Last Chance Meet) 2/3/2014  Packet Entry Results
Dual Meet Information 


Meet Date Meet Name Directions Entries Results
 November 6, 2013  Palos Area Swim Sharks (PASS) Directions Entry Results
 November 21, 2013  Homewood Flossmoor Swim Club (HFSC) Directions Entry Results
 December 5, 2013  Burbank Swim Club (BSC) Directions  Entry Results
 December 10, 2013  Mannheim Swim Club (MANN) Directions Entry Results
 December 19, 2013  HOME vs. Great Illinois Swimmers (GILLS) Directions Entry Results
 January 7, 2014  Richards Area Swim Club (RASC) Directions Entry Results
 January 16, 2014  HOME vs. Bradley Bourbonnais Swim (BBSC) Directions Entry Results
 February 9, 2014  Conference Championships @ HFSC Directions Entry Results